Everything You Need to Know About Skipper Dog Daycare & Boarding

At The Village at Commonwealth, we gladly welcome pets in our apartments and townhomes. Yet most pet owners understand that pets, especially dogs, don’t like being left alone all day. That’s why we offer Skipper Doggy Daycare & Boarding as an exclusive amenity for our residents. If you’re looking for a little help caring for your pooch, here’s what you need to know about this service.

Comprehensive Services to Keep Your Pet Happy
In addition to dog walking, the Skipper team offers daycare, boarding, and grooming services for our community’s residents. For doggy daycare, your pooch will be placed in a playgroup based on their size and personality. A trained staff member will pick up your pup from your home, then bring them to Skipper to have their playdate. All playgroups are supervised for the safety of the pets. When your pet’s play date is over, the Skipper team brings them back to your apartment.

Boarding is a similar process, with pickup and drop off services available. During the day, your pet will participate in daycare play sessions. After a long, fun day of play, Skipper will tuck your pet into a luxury kennel at the end of the day. You don’t have to worry about your pet when you need to travel because the Skipper team is ready to keep them safe. For any stays over four nights, your pet will get a bath as part of the boarding service.

Furthermore, Skipper offers grooming services. These can be added to daycare or boarding stays, or they can be stand-alone services. Keep your pet looking his or her best with full-service grooming right inside your community.

Track and Order Services with the Skipper App
What makes Skipper so ideal for residents of the Village at Commonwealth is the service’s app. After you and your pet have had an initial consultation to determine their compatibility with Skipper’s playgroups, you will be set up with an account on the Skipper Pets app. This app allows you to schedule services, check in on your pet’s activities, see photos our staff captured of your pet, and even track walks with a GPS tracker.

While you’re at work or away for business, your pet has nothing to do at home. Take care of your pet’s need for interaction and playtime while you’re at work by partnering with Skipper Dog Daycare & Boarding. You’ll come home to a happy, tired pet who is ready for an evening of relaxing and have peace of mind that your dog is well cared for all day while you’re away.