Interior Design Tips for Your New Apartment

Your first apartment gives you a place to express your true style. Yet it’s easy to get cluttered and disorganized quickly in a small space. Here are some tips for decorating your first apartment with ease.

Go Easy on the Furniture
Furniture is an investment, both of money and space. You won’t need as much as you think to make your apartment have a finished look and feel. In fact, when it comes to attractive design, less is more! Choose pieces that are functional and attractive, but avoid the temptation to stuff your apartment full of furnishings.

Use Pillows
Throw pillows are a simple and affordable item to add to your decor, but they add instant color and ambiance to the space. They can add color and interest to lackluster furniture, without the need to completely upgrade the piece. You can also swap out pillows as your style preferences change, or with the change in seasons, and for a lot less money than swapping out the furnishing altogether.

Put Your Furniture to Work
Put your furniture to work in your space. Your end table could double as a workstation, and your seating could include bench storage. Since you have minimal space, consider pieces that can perform more than one task as you add furnishing to your apartment.

Create the Feeling of Space
As you decorate a modern apartment, you’re going to be working against crowded conditions. Make the most out of this by using your decor and furnishings to create the feeling of space, even when space is lacking. For example, use mirrors to make a hallway or room feel larger, or hang curtains from the very top of the ceiling, rather than the top of the window, to increase the feeling of height in the room.

Remember, above all have fun! Decorating your first apartment should be a chance to express yourself, so enjoy the process! Give yourself time to do the job gradually, and soon you will have a space that showcases your personality, feels comfortable and is an attractive home you’ll be proud to show off to family and friends.


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